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Energy Resources for Your Congregation

Michigan IPL is here to equip and support your congregation as you transform the way you use energy. Energy extraction, transportation, and use has negative consequences to the health, environment, and economics of a society. The good news is that together we can impact the climate crisis, improve our communities, and create better opportunities for faith, creation and environmental justice!

You can begin here by learning more about:

  • IRA (Inflation Reduction Act)
  • Solar
  • Utility Provider options
  • Carbon Fund mini grants 

At Michigan IPL, we believe that our best hope for a livable future and a stable climate is to ensure that the benefits of clean, efficient energy are shared by ALL. That means our collective charge is to channel resources to those communities with the greatest need and with the fewest resources. 

Since congregations are on the frontlines of meeting the spiritual and material needs of their communities, we know that shoring up their financial and environmental sustainability will have payoffs far beyond the walls of each individual congregation. Congregations participating in Sacred Spaces are implementing $100K each in energy efficiency upgrades. Hear from them how they are putting faith into practical action:

First Presbyterian Church of Saline's Solar Tour

Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)

A provision in new legislation, referred to as the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) allows nonprofits, places of worship, and other tax-exempt organizations to receive a 30% tax credit as a direct payment to help cover costs of certain renewable energy and energy efficiency related upgrades. 

Included in the IRA, are clean energy tax credits for:

  •   Solar projects 
  •   Back up battery storage 
  •   Electric Vehicle charging stations 
  •   Geothermal Heat Pumps 
  •   Weatherization such as insulation

Learn more about the IRA.


2021 Renewable Role Model Winner – Student-led solar at Gesu Catholic Church and School, Detroit
Photo courtesy of Gesu Catholic Church

Solar Faithful

With the help of Solar Faithful, your congregation can join the growing number of Michigan congregations who are going solar. Learn about Solar Faithful.


Free energy efficiency upgrades and rebates from Consumers Energy helped Pastor Melene Wilsey of New Heart Mission, Saginaw, put more $$ into serving her community

Save Energy & Money

Don't wait for grants that may or may not be available to make building upgrades that will benefit your congregation and the environment immediately. With these easy steps, your congregation can save energy, save money, and protect the Earth. Learn more about resources for implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.


Pilgrim Baptist Church, Detroit, installed two solar-powered LED exterior lights to illuminate the food pantry entrance, thanks to a grant from the Carbon Fund

Carbon Fund Mini Grants

Providing mini-grants of 1-3K to economically disadvantaged communities to implement climate pollution-reducing projects. Learn about Carbon Fund Mini Grants.




 1.  How can my congregation access grant funds to finance my project?

For most congregations, grants can be difficult and time consuming to apply for, requiring a lot of skill, ability and time. It is our recommendation that congregations do not wait for a grant opportunity to pursue energy efficiency upgrades at your place of worship. If your faith community does have an interest in exploring that grants, you can find information on grants HERE

 2. My congregation would like to implement an energy efficiency project. How do I begin?

Check with your local utility provider to explore options for discounts and rebates on applicable efficiency projects. Identify at 2-3 contractors to supply you with a quote. If you are completing your project with volunteers, purchase your materials from suppliers who are able to get you discounted products through your local utility. You can access more information on our Save Energy page

 3. What are the benefits of membership with Michigan IPL?

If your congregation would like to address the climate crisis, partner with us! Becoming a member by signing our covenant connects your congregation with hundreds of others across the state and is a symbol of your commitment to Earth stewardship and climate action. Sign the Covenant!

 4. What types of projects have been done by other Michigan congregations?

Across all faiths and covering every imaginable project, we have been assisting faith communities in Michigan for years. Learn more about the various ways that Michigan faith communities are exercising care for Creation on our blog. Read more on our Blog!

 5. How can I be informed about new opportunities for me and for my congregation? 

There are many ways to stay in touch and learn more about efficiency and opportunities for your house of worship. One way is to join our email list! Stay in Touch!


You can inspire your congregation to take steps toward efficiency! 

Check out our Blog and learn how other faith communities here in Michigan have stepped into energy efficiency with great results! 

Has your faith community successfully implemented an energy efficiency project? Help us inspire and equip other faith communities by telling us about how your congregation is putting faith into action!