Carbon Fund

Michigan IPL’s Carbon Fund provides small grants (<$1,000) to congregations demonstrating financial need to reduce their carbon footprints. By enabling greening projects in economically disadvantaged communities, the Carbon Fund is as much about environmental justice as it is about caring for Creation.

Download a one-pager about the Carbon Fund.

Applying congregations must:

  • Describe their financial need
  • Propose a project that will reduce carbon emissions
  • Own the building in which the project is being proposed
  • Demonstrate ongoing commitment to sustainability beyond the project itself. For instance, having a working green team, doing energy education, or participating in ongoing energy-related advocacy
  • Provide an estimated payback or return on investment
  • Commit to working with Michigan IPL to measure the energy savings and other impacts of the project

Other considerations:

Projects that are high-visibility or that are integrated into programming or communications—in other words, projects that also inspire and grow awareness—are especially encouraged.

Fund Administration:

  • Michigan IPL’s Board of Directors is responsible for approving any use of the Carbon Fund.
  • To apply for funding, please email Leah Wiste, our Director of Outreach & Advocacy. She can also be reached at 248-376-4603.

This fund was established thanks to a generous donation from the Ann Arbor Friends Meeting. If you would also like to contribute to the Carbon Fund, indicate this on your check or the online donation form. Thank you!