Our Mission

Michigan Interfaith Power & Light’s mission is to inspire and equip people of faith to exercise stewardship of and love for all Creation.

We offer practical ways to put faith into action by promoting energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other sustainable practices that lead to a cleaner, healthier, and more just world.

Our Values

Humans beings, made in the image of their Creator, are uniquely entrusted with the care of the Earth.  We accept the findings of the vast consensus of the scientific community that much of the degradation and recent warming (fever) of the Earth is human-caused.   Therefore we encourage all people of faith to vigorously reclaim this sacred trust so that the health of the Earth might be restored.

We are people of hope, convinced that the Creator has built regeneration into Creation.  Therefore we engage in our mission, trusting not in human effort alone, but as partners with our Creator in providing environments in which the natural processes of renewal can both cleanse and reinvigorate the Earth toward its intended beauty and bounty.  

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