Clean Cars Campaign - Michigan Interfaith Power & Light

Stop Ford Motor Company’s efforts to weaken
our country’s environmental protections

Six years ago, Ford Motor Company was part of a landmark agreement with the EPA to raise the average fuel economy of its vehicles to 54.5 mpg by 2025. 

Since then, Ford has loudly proclaimed its leadership on sustainability. Chairman Bill Ford professes to be an environmentalist and has said that this commitment would "not be a passing fad" at the company.

But in the changing political winds, Ford is now requesting "additional flexibility" in meeting these standards. What this really means is lower standards and more pollution. The EPA is following the automakers' lead and proposing an across-the-board rollback. 

Sign our letter to tell Ford: stop trying to undermine
the Clean Car Standards you promised to support.

Deadline: Sept. 20
We will hand deliver the signatures to Ford HQ in Dearborn on Sept. 24.

Here are 2 reasons relaxing the standards would be a disaster:

  1. The transportation sector is the largest source of climate pollution in our country. That means that fuel efficiency standards are the most powerful policy tool we have to address climate change.
  2. Emissions from cars and trucks create smog and unhealthy air quality. More Americans die prematurely each year from auto emissions than from auto accidents. Lower standards mean more premature deaths.

That's why we're partnering with national Interfaith Power & Light, the United Church of Christ, and United Methodist Women to ask for your help.

Ford has a long and proud history of technological innovation. It CAN do better and be a better neighbor.