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Sacred Spaces: Trinity Reformed Church, Grand Rapids

Michigan IPL is delighted to be working with 11 congregations in Michigan as a part of the Sacred Spaces program. We are pleased to learn more about Trinity Reformed Church through information shared by Co Pastor Benjamin Bruins.


   Grand Rapids's Trinity Reformed Church shows a vision for the future through a recent ordination service and plans for environmentally focused building projects.


Pastor Bruins, how would you describe Trinity Reformed? 

Trinity Reformed Church is a scrappy congregation that has been located on the northwest side of Grand Rapids since 1908.  Seeking to embody the expansive love of Christ, we grow deeper roots in the neighborhood, shape our lives with liturgy, and pursue justice so that all life will flourish. Trinity partners with multiple organizations including the Northwest Michigan Food Pantry, Narcotics Anonymous, Kids Hope and Harrison Park Elementary, Shower Ministry, the New Development Corporation's Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, and Together West Michigan

What is your congregation's spiritual or religious inspiration for practicing earth stewardship?

At Trinity we value being embodied creatures of the earth, made in God's image and called to be stewards of creation. We are a justice oriented  community that recognizes that environmental sustainability is essential and all people deserve safe, healthy places to live, work, and play.

How do you understand environmental justice?

All people deserve safe, healthy places to live, work, and play. Also, we have a responsibility to ensure that our fellow creatures have healthy, spacious environments in which to flourish. 

What’s one key take away that you hope your congregation and/or community gains from your participation in  Sacred Spaces? 

The way investing in energy efficiency pays for itself--in lower emissions and reduced energy consumption. 


...environmental sustainability is essential and all people deserve safe, healthy places to live, work, and play. 

Michigan IPL is thankful for the vision of Trinity Reformed Church, and to have the opportunity to partner with this church as they work to advance the sustainability goals set in place for their congregation. We know that shoring up the energy efficiency of their worship facility will pay dividends for the congregation and the planet, far beyond the walls of the church. 

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