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Light The Way

Congregations looking to lower utilities might consider beginning with a free energy assessment with Consumers Energy.  While we are no longer actively working with Consumers Energy to promote congregational energy assessments, we are encouraging houses of worship to connect with their utility provider directly to get an energy assessment scheduled.

Since 2015, over 1,500 congregations have completed free energy assessments for thier buildings. On average, houses of worship receiving free energy upgrades expect to save nearly $600 on annual energy expenses. (Why is it free?)

That's money these congregations didn't have to spend on building maintenance, and $600 more each year that can go into programming for kids, supporting food pantries, and other vital ministries. 

Hear what one participating congregation, First Congregational Church, UCC (Jackson, MI), had to say: 

Eligible faith-based organizations:

  • Have Consumers Energy electric or gas service
  • Own their facility

Michigan IPL is no longer working with Consumers Energy to promote this program, however, we encourage you to contact them directly, as energy assessments are still available for congregations through the small business program.

Set up an appointment with Consumers Energy for your congregation's free energy assessment today!