Light The Way

Spend less on energy, more on mission.

Since 2015, over 400 congregations have participated in Light the Way. On average, each house of worship received $1,300 in free energy upgrades and expects to save $650 on annual energy expenses.

That's $1,300 these congregations didn't have to spend on building maintenance, and $650 more each year that can go into programming for kids, supporting food pantries and other vital ministries.

Spending LESS on energy means getting to spend MORE on your mission.

Congregations eligible in 2018:

  • Have Consumers Energy electric, or electric + gas service
  • Own their facility


Electric upgrades include:


Gas upgrades include:


  • TLEDs (to replace T8 linear fluorescents)
  • 11W Flood LED (replaces 65W incandescent floodlight)
  • 9W LED (replaces 60W incandescent)
  • 4-6W LED (replaces 25W-40W incandescent candelabra)
  • LED bulbs for Exit Signs
  • Vending Machine Miser (for compatible cold beverage machines)


  • Smart, programmable thermostats
  • Pre-Rinse Spray Valve
  • Bathroom Faucet Aerators
  • Kitchen Faucet Aerators


Why is Consumers Energy giving away free stuff?  Why would they want to sell us less energy?

Since the enactment of the Clean, Renewable, and Efficient Energy Act of 2008, and the extension of the Energy Efficiency Standard in 2016, Michigan utilities are required to spend a percentage of their profits on energy efficiency products and services for their customers. Programs like this help utilities fulfill this obligation and boost customer satisfaction. 

Why is Michigan IPL working with a utility?

Michigan IPL has worked with Consumers to develop this program because it helps us to fulfill our mission to inspire and equip faith communities to be better stewards of God’s creation-- and we know it helps congregations spend less on bills and more on things that matter!

I still have questions! Who can I talk to?

Please contact our Project Manager, Jennifer Young. She can be reached via email or at 248-463-8811.