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Climate Conversations

Seven in 10 Americans understand that climate destabilization is real and happening now.  But fewer than 40% of us are talking about it on a regular basis.*  

This presents a profound opportunity!  To normalize the reality of climate disruption and move our society to bold action, we need to talk about it

Michigan IPL is here to help. 

In this 1-2 hour, interactive Zoom videoconference, we will facilitate a heart-based, values-based Climate Conversation.  We will begin by sharing stories of connection and aliveness, then articulate together the realities of our changing climate, and finally discuss how to take faithful action together.   

The goals of the conversation are to help your community: 

  • recognize and collectively process some of the emotional barriers to climate action
  • strengthen relationships and collective commitment to climate action, rooted in the theology of your tradition
  • begin discerning how to move forward together

Want us to facilitate a virtual Climate Conversation in your community?

*Source: Yale Program on Climate Change Communication