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Lansing Solar Home Project!

The Capital Area Chapter celebrated its first successful solar installation at the South Side Community Coalition in April of 2022.


Cleaner, healthier, and more efficient energy is being adopted more widely, but it remains inaccessible to most. And those who experience pollution and climate impacts first and worst--low-wealth communities and communities of color--do the least to cause it. For instance, paying monthly utility bills is often a struggle. 

With a goal of furthering climate justice in our communities, the Capital Area Chapter of Michigan Interfaith Power & Light is partnering with the Ingham County Land Bank to provide new high-efficiency, all-electric affordable homes with solar power. Our project on Avalon Street in South Lansing will be the first solar home in this part of the city and will provide a prototype for future solar installations on low-and moderate-income housing. 

Representatives from over a dozen faith communities in the Lansing area, partnering with their friends and supporters, will raise the funds for the 7.4 kW array. The new homeowners will self-generate virtually all of their annual energy needs, serving as an inspiration for future projects in the central city. 

Your donation--which is not an act of charity, but of solidarity--will be used to show the way to a renewable future for all. 

Will you help us reach our goal

See our short slide deck for more information on the Lansing Solar Home Project. 

Check out our blog's story of the Capital Area Chapter's first solar success (in 2022).

Thank you for your contribution! 

Online donations are especially appreciated, but you may also send a check (put “Lansing Solar Home” on the memo line) to Michigan IPL at 1950 Trumbull St., Detroit, MI 48216. 



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