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House of Worship Rewards

Earn up to $5,000 for your congregation by helping members and friends save energy

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused financial hardship for many people and the congregations they are a part of. House of Worship Rewards is an opportunity for congregations to EARN money, while helping members and friends SAVE money.  

Pastor Chris and First Lady Kenyatta Pryor earned $2,000 for their congregation, Victorious Believers Ministries in Saginaw. This is what they had to say about the program:



COVID-19 Safety: 


To minimize the risk of spreading the Coronavirus, a Home Energy Analysis can be completed 100% virtually OR in-person with social distancing and Personal Protective Equipment.  

How it works

Step 1: Your congregation's members and friends sign up for a free Home Energy Analysis from Consumers Energy.
Step 2: Your congregation earns a cash reward of up to $5,000, based on the number of sign-ups. 

Eligible congregations and religious schools

  • Are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
  • Have congregants and friends with Consumers Energy gas or electric service

Your house of worship DOES NOT need to be a Consumers Energy customer to participate.


Want to share this opportunity with your congregation?  Download the flyer.  

What is a Home Energy Analysis?

Consumers Energy's Home Energy Analysis includes an energy assessment and free energy efficient upgrades.

Tom in Grand Rapids had a Home Energy Analysis in the fall of 2020. He received $450 worth of free upgrades and expects to save over $180 a year on energy.  Here's what he had to say about the experience:  

Is it COVID safe?

You can choose between an in-home energy analysis or a virtual one. Here's how each kind works: 


In-home energy analysis:


Virtual energy analysis:


  • An energy analyst visits your home while you are there, maintaining social distance
  • Analysts wear appropriate PPE and are screened daily for COVID
  • Analyst will identify opportunities for you to save on energy
  • Analyst will install energy-saving products, if applicable (see below for list of items)


  • You connect with an energy analyst using your smart device and the internet
  • Analyst will guide you through your home virtually
  • Analyst will identify energy-saving opportunities and make personalized efficiency recommendations
  • After your virtual appointment, you receive a free energy-saving kit in the mail (see below for for list of items)

No matter which option you choose, free energy-saving measures may be available, depending on your home's needs.  


 Free energy upgrades may include:


  • LED bulbs
  • programmable thermostats
  • water pipe insulation
  • water-saving showerheads
  • kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators



Why is Consumers Energy giving away free stuff? Is this a scam?

It does seem unusual that a utility-- which makes money by selling energy-- would run a program to help its customers buy less of its product!  Here's the backstory:  

Since the enactment of the Clean, Renewable, and Efficient Energy Act of 2008, and the extension of the Energy Efficiency Standard in 2016, Michigan utilities are required to spend a percentage of their profits on energy efficiency products and services for their customers. Programs like this help utilities fulfill this obligation and help reduce energy demand in Michigan. That means using less fossil fuels and needing to build fewer new power plants, which mean a cleaner, healthier Michigan.  

Is there a program that can help save energy and money in my house of worship?  

Yes! Check out our sister program, Light the Way

I still have questions! Who can I talk to?

Contact our Project Manager, Jennifer Young, at [email protected] or 248-463-8811.