Lenten Fast for Water

This year, we are replacing our traditional Carbon Fast with a Lenten Fast for Water.

Why? Because here in Michigan-- a state surrounded by 20% of the world's fresh surface water-- one of our most critical struggles today is to protect water and ensure water access access for all, especially the least of these. 

We are not suggesting you fast from water, obviously. Please, stay hydrated. But just as our traditional Carbon Fast suggested activities to help you emit less CO2 into the atmosphere, the Fast for Water is meant to help you learn about and be less wasteful of this precious, natural gift.  

We hope that the Lenten Fast for Water will help you go beyond merely “giving up” certain conveniences. Instead, we hope it will help you bring mindfulness to how you use water and encourage you to hold in your awareness the hardships and tragedies so many of our brothers and sisters are experiencing because their water is under threat, because it has been poisoned, or because it has been savagely turned off.  

Download the 2019 Lenten Fast for Water calendar (PDF)

If you prefer the traditional Carbon Fast, get a list of last year's activity suggestions here (.doc) 


Photo taken at St. Peter's Church (Detroit) by Valerie Jean.