Carbon Offset Opportunity for EMBO Workshop Attendees

Carbon Offset Opportunity for EMBO Workshop Attendees

The latest climate challenges in Europe and around the globe remind us of our responsibility to engage at every level to mitigate our carbon footprints, including in our professional societies. 

The Orthodox Academy of Crete (OAC) hosts our meeting. Your Voluntary Carbon Offset will be used to add to 3.5kW of solar capacity to the OAC and reduce its reliance on fossil fuels. See more project details here

Antonis Kalogerakis, an environmental engineer at OAC, demonstrates the benefits of solar energy. Photo courtesy of OAC.  

For those of us who traveled to Crete by plane, these flights are likely to make up a significant portion of our personal carbon footprints this year. This is an opportunity to offset those emissions and do some good! 

Our goal

€5,000 (just over $5,000 USD) will purchase a 3.5 kW system, or around 12 panels. We are already halfway there, having secured matching funds of €2,500. YOUR donation helps match this and meet our goal! Any amount is appreciated. 

*OAC does not "do" PayPal (per Greek law), so Michigan Interfaith Power & Light (IPL), is coordinating fundraising at no charge. IPL’s mission is working with communities of faith on sustainability and to promote climate justice. We will collect funds through August 2022, and then send the total to OAC for the Solar Expansion Project. Antonis Kalogerakis, project engineer, will keep us updated as the system is installed. A virtual dedication will take place on Zoom. 



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