Voluntary Carbon Tax for ASBMB Conference Attendees

Voluntary Carbon Tax for ASBMB Conference Attendees

The latest climate challenges around the globe remind us of our responsibility to work at every level to mitigate our carbon footprints, including through our professional societies.
Our goal is to provide an opportunity at every ASBMB meeting for participants to support a specific project that will directly address climate destabilization and the climate justice issues driven by human impacts on the environment. 
This meeting, we have identified a project at the South Side Community Coalition (Lansing, MI) that will build climate resilience at houses of worship serving primarily people of color. 

Your voluntary carbon tax payment offsets your travel emissions and invests in projects in communities of color such as: 

  • energy efficiency
  • solar
  • environmental education
  • rain gardens

Will you help us reach our $2,000 goal?

See our short slide deck for more info. 



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